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Healthcare Freedom & Women's Rights Platform Modernization

We call for the Permanent Platform Committee during the 2024 Texas Democratic Convention to add the following, or equivalent, language to the TDP 2024 Platform under the “Reproductive Freedom and Personal Choice” section:

  1. Enshrine the right to pre-viability abortion care in US law and the US Constitution;
  2. The government should stay out of Texans’ right to make personal and responsible decisions about whether and when to bear children, in consultation with their families, physicians, personal consciences, and/or their faith;
  3. Keep the government small when it comes to reproductive choices and let people be free to make their own decisions;
  4. Protect doctors from any lawsuits from individuals, the state, or any form of government for protecting a person's bodily health, autonomy, and freedom;
  5. Ban any local, county, state, or federal government from preventing, fining, or jailing individuals, or those providing assistance, for traveling to get an abortion;
  6. Disallow public funds from being used to prosecute individuals or entities who provide reproductive healthcare;
  7. Enshrine the right to mifepristone and other medical abortion medications as a right to all pre-viability abortion;
  8. Enact paid parental leave for 6 months.
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