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After years of having an unofficial progressive caucus at the Texas Democratic Convention, leaders from around Texas came together to form an official caucus.

We are an independent organization focused on building and enhancing the Texas Democratic Party. We do this by building diverse coalitions, passing strategic enhancements, and helping new progressive leaders join the Democratic Party of Texas. 

No one organization founded the TXPC. Instead, we were founded by a coalition of progressive organizations and leaders from across Texas. 

Our Mission

Ideology without power is nothing more than us running our mouths. If we want to pass policies to help everyday working Texans, we must build & take power in state, federal, & local government. We can only do this with a strong Democratic Party. Therefore, our mission is to build and strengthen the Texas Democratic Party and other Party organizations to the fullest extent possible. To quote former TX Ag Commission Jim Hightower, "We're not just here to protest the government, we're here to become the government."


Our Strategic Goals

  1. Elect progressives for State Democratic Executive Committee (SDEC) and the Democratic National Committee (DNC). Organize the SDEC/DNC to pass rules and resolutions to make the party more accessible, grassroots, & powerful. 
  2. Work with allies to fill in county chair and precinct chair vacancies.
  3. Assist progressive grassroots leaders in entering the Texas Democratic Party. 


Our Leadership

TXPC leadership is elected every 2 years just before the Texas Democratic Convention. The TXPC is governed by a 5 person Executive Committee and by a large, representative Advisory Board. If you want to join our leadership and/or vote on our future leaders, please be sure to become a member!


Leadership election happening now!


Thank you to our 2022 Caucus Planning Committee

Kristi Lara, Emad Salem, Aftab Sibbiqui, Trish Contreras, Julio Acosta, LaTonya Whittington, Mitzi Rusk, Mal Torres, Anne Baird, Kat Sanders, Lou McCreary, Chuck Crews, Zebrina Robinson, Hunter Evens, Lauren Tenney, Luis Teixeira, Tim McDaniel, Angela Smith, Jane Warsaw, & all of our other wonderful friends who made our 2022 TDP Convention Caucus and Progressive Happy Hour possible!

Governing Documents

TXPC Bylaws

TXPC Policy Priorities