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  • signed Reproductive Justice 2024-06-26 11:15:24 -0500

    Healthcare Freedom & Women's Rights Platform Modernization

    We call for the Permanent Platform Committee during the 2024 Texas Democratic Convention to add the following, or equivalent, language to the TDP 2024 Platform under the “Reproductive Freedom and Personal Choice” section:

    87 signatures
    1. Enshrine the right to pre-viability abortion care in US law and the US Constitution;
    2. The government should stay out of Texans’ right to make personal and responsible decisions about whether and when to bear children, in consultation with their families, physicians, personal consciences, and/or their faith;
    3. Keep the government small when it comes to reproductive choices and let people be free to make their own decisions;
    4. Protect doctors from any lawsuits from individuals, the state, or any form of government for protecting a person's bodily health, autonomy, and freedom;
    5. Ban any local, county, state, or federal government from preventing, fining, or jailing individuals, or those providing assistance, for traveling to get an abortion;
    6. Disallow public funds from being used to prosecute individuals or entities who provide reproductive healthcare;
    7. Enshrine the right to mifepristone and other medical abortion medications as a right to all pre-viability abortion;
    8. Enact paid parental leave for 6 months.
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  • signed Climate 2024-06-26 11:13:37 -0500
    The state needs to remove the prohibitive tax when registering an EV vehicle. $200 a year on top of normal fees is punitive. We also need access to charging stations. The two stated reasons, along with the high purchase cost, has kept me from buying one.


    20 signatures

    Our water, air, and soil must be protected. As FDR said, "a nation that destroys its soil destroys itself." The Democratic Party needs to support any legislation that works toward ending the climate crisis -- from boosting renewable energy; removing or otherwise limiting pollution and greenhouse gases; protecting water, soil, and air; and any other necessary policy that will protect Americans from the climate crisis. 

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  • Allow for Remote Voting for State Delegates

    "Remote voting" in this instance means for state delegates who are unable to attend. In-person delegates may still be allowed to vote in however means they deem necessary. The Permanent Rules Committee passed this proposal and we now ask for the General Body to support it as well. 

    105 signatures

    We call upon the Texas Democratic Party to allow remote voting for State Delegates starting in 2026. This measure passed the Permanent Rules Committee and will allow delegates who are unable to attend in-person to still have their voices heard. Too few Democrats are able to truely participate in the State Convention -- whether due to not being able to take time off from work, limited financial resources, illness, and more. This reform will allow them to participate in the governance of their Party.

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  • Ranked-Choice Voting for Statewide Party Officers

    The Permanent Rules Committee passed this proposal and we now ask for the General Body to support it as well. 

    349 signatures

    We call for rule changes to the Texas Democratic Party to institute ranked-choice voting for all party officer positions elected at the 2026 State Democratic Convention. It is confusing to our delegates to use ranked-choice for SDEC and committee members only to use an entirely other voting system for party officers. One common voting system will best serve our party. We also call for the party to institute electronic voting, including at in-person conventions, for to make our floor votes faster, easier, and more transparent. 

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  • signed No Pay for Congress during Shutdown 2024-06-23 07:08:00 -0500

    No Pay for Congress during Shutdown

    22 signatures


    Far-Right Republicans have tanked our government, causing millions to go without pay. The TSA, air traffic controllers, our soldiers and sailors, national parks employees, and millions of other government employees will soon be without a paycheck. 

    During this period of suffering and anxiety for millions, the Congress Critters who caused this mess are still getting paid. Not their staff (who get back pay), not the cooks or janitors at the Capitol (who do NOT get back pay); only Congress members are still getting paid. 

    We think the first paychecks that should be cut are those of Congress Critters. Sign if you agree!

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