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At Large representation with Ranked Choice Voting - Eliminate Geographic boundaries for Congress

The Constitution does not require congressional districts to be specific geographic areas. A number of States in the First Congress had At-Large members. Combining At-Large representation with ranked choice voting would allow people to vote for the person best to represent their interests without being forced to choose someone based on where they live.

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Propose Agriculture section in party platform include subsection for Animal Welfare

The party platform really does not feature any subsections for animal welfare or addressing the environmental damage of factory farming and encouraging the development of climate change mitigating measures for animal agriculture. I'd hope this could be added into the new proposed agriculture section of the party platform.

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Relocate convention map to be next to schedule in booklet

Could we relocate the schedule to be next to the map in the booklet for 2026? It was a pain to flip back and forth between the pages at convention.

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