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Kevin Felder

Kevin Felder

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  • wants to volunteer 2024-06-02 14:15:36 -0500

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  • signed Voting Rights via 2024-06-02 14:13:57 -0500

    Pass the John Lewis Voting Rights Act

    The John Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act establishes a targeted process for
    reviewing voting changes in jurisdictions nationwide, focused on measures that have
    historically been used to discriminate against voters. It would allow a federal court to order
    states or jurisdictions to be covered for results-based violations, where a particular measure
    has a disparate racial impact on voting.

    The Act would increase transparency by requiring reasonable public notice for
    voting changes, and would grant the U.S. Attorney General authority to request federal
    observers be present anywhere in the country where there is a serious threat of racial
    discrimination in voting. It would also increase accessibility and protections for Native American
    and Alaska Native voters.

    28 signatures

    Voting is the foundation of freedom. The Democratic Party needs to support legislation and policies that support the voting rights of all citizens. We call upon the Federal Government to pass the John Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act and the Freedom to Vote Act.

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  • signed Justice for All via 2024-06-02 14:13:13 -0500

    Justice for All

    18 signatures

    Justice must be for all or it will inevitably be for none. The Democratic Party needs to support any legislation or policies that support justice for all -- from ending no-knock raids, increasing police accountability, fixing the justice system, fixing bail, ending the cannabis prohibition, and more. 

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  • Add the Indigenous Peoples Caucus to the SDEC

    The Permanent Rules Committee passed this proposal and we now ask for the General Body to support it as well. 

    104 signatures

    We call for the Indigenous Peoples Caucus (IPC) to be added to the State Democratic Executive Committee (SDEC). The IPC represents those who have been historically persecuted and face a very unique set of contemporary issues. The Texas Democratic Party needs their voices in our decision making process, and it is only right to ensure the IPC has a seat at the table. 

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  • signed Convention Chairs via 2024-06-02 14:11:16 -0500

    Greater Qualifications for Convention Chairs

    16 signatures

    Given that one of our 2022 Convention Chairs misspoke and caused us to lose quorum, it is evident that anyone who serves as a convention chair MUST know our rules, stick to the script, and be well prepared. The SDEC shall have oversight to ensure these qualifications are met. 

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  • Turn the TDP Chair into a Full-Time Position

    The Permanent Rules Committee passed this proposal and we now ask for the General Body to support it as well. 

    106 signatures

    The Chair of the Texas Democratic Party is an important position. It's a disservice to the Party that whoever holds that position cannot give it their all. Furthermore, by not compensating the Chair position, we inadvertently dissuade working class people from leading the Texas Democrats. As such, we call for the State Chair to become a full-time, paid position within the Texas Democratic Party.

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  • commented on Contact 2024-06-02 13:53:20 -0500
    Thanks for the endorsements! I am grateful! However, I found an error. You endorsed me for DNC Nominations out of CD 36, but I live in CD 32. Whenever you get a chance please review and correct.

    Thank you,


    Kevin Felder


    PO Box 59
    Lampasas, TX 76550


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  • signed Term Limits via 2024-05-18 16:05:11 -0500

    Term Limits

    43 signatures

    We call upon the Convention Rules Committee to institute a two-consecutive four-year term limit for Party Executive Officers, such as for the State Chair, Vice-Chair, etc.

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