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  • Ranked-Choice Voting for Statewide Party Officers

    The Permanent Rules Committee passed this proposal and we now ask for the General Body to support it as well. 

    349 signatures

    We call for rule changes to the Texas Democratic Party to institute ranked-choice voting for all party officer positions elected at the 2026 State Democratic Convention. It is confusing to our delegates to use ranked-choice for SDEC and committee members only to use an entirely other voting system for party officers. One common voting system will best serve our party. We also call for the party to institute electronic voting, including at in-person conventions, for to make our floor votes faster, easier, and more transparent. 

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    Run for Delegate &/or Party Office in 2024!

    Want to become a state or national delegate for the 2024 Democratic Conventions? We need strong progressives and reformers to become delegates. Join our progressive movement today!

    Please provide us with your full address so we will know what district you're in. This will be important for us to know as we prepare for 2024.

    Once you complete the form, you'll be directed to the TX Dem's Pre-Registration Form. 


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    Are you interested in becoming a state or national delegate in 2024? Want to help us make the Party more progressive? Sign up today!

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