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TX Lege Poll

As a state-level PAC, we are allowed to get involved with the TX Legislature and other state-level political activities (we are not, however, a federal PAC, so we cannot get involved with federal matters). Historically, we've remained focused nearly exclusively on Party building. 

Tell us what you think. Should the TXPC start getting more involved with the TX Legislature? 

(To take the poll, click the circle with the lightning bolt and slide it to wherever side best represents your thoughts. Once you slide the circle to the place that represents your views, just let it go and that's it! The poll will show you what others are saying. All answers are anonymous. Example: If you want us to be VERY involved, move it all the way to the right, while if you want us only somewhat involved, move it only part way to the right. If you want us to stay OUT of the Lege, move it all the way to the left, while if you want us only somewhat not involved, move it part way to the left.)