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Please support the following Progressive Rules to make the Party Stronger!



Ranked Choice Voting 1050-2

  • Faster: RCV is faster because it provides for an instant runoff. We wouldn't need to go through vote after vote after vote, we can do it all at once. 
  • We Can Do This: State law & other rules allows for state executive committees shall adopt rules concerning the voting procedures for the convention (Sec. 174.096).
  • Affordable: There are many affordable software packages that can be implemented. We already use various methods for RCV that would cost pennies.
  • Already In Use: Many caucuses, including CDs already use it; it is a more democratic process, more fair, and faster. In one instance, a Caucus would have had to vote 7 times before reaching a winner; with RCV, they only had to vote once. 
  • Better: In the current system, many votes were recorded on, in at least some districts, index cards and envelopes of paper to then be given to others to enter in the counts into a computer. Instead of using scraps pieces of paper, we can use better means to vote for our Statewide Leadership.
  • Works In Other States: Other states use RCV, even for Public Offices. RCV is the reason a Democrat won in Alaska (& beat Sarah Palin!).
  • All-in-All: Efficient, secure, fair, transparent.


How RCV Works

  1. First you will get your ballot. You may need to fill out your info, such as name, County, CD, Delegate Number, etc.
  2. You will see a list of candidates. Let's say you have 5 candidates.
  3. Under "First Choice" -- you pick your favorite candidate.
  4. Under "Second Choice" -- you pick your 2nd favorite candidate.
  5. Under "Third Choice" -- you pick your 3rd favorite candidate.
  6. Under "Forth Choice" -- you pick your 4th favorite candidate.
  7. Under "Fifth Choice" -- you pick your 5th favorite candidate.
  8. Then that's it! You're done! Just be sure to turn in your ballot. :)

Ballots could be on paper or virtual. We could even vote for Statewide Officers when we vote for our SDEC and other Committee Members -- all elections could just be done at once, leaving the Party to focus on actual business on the following General Session.


The TXPC removed the prohibition of RCV for Statewide Party Officers last year. It's time to finish the job!


Remote Voting 1011

  • Pro-Accessibility, Pro-Labor, Pro-Agriculture, Pro-Climate, Pro-Youth, Pro-Parent(s).
    • i.e. Farmers are unable to join our Conventions due to summer being wheat/other harvesting time. Remote Voting, even to a limit extent, will be a first step to allowing Farmers to return to the Party.
  • Accessible & inclusive for folks who are not able to attend in person.
  • Allows for greater participation across the state while maintaining current in-person attendance.
  • Technology available to provide a cost effective convention.
  • Allows for voting remotely which the state already employs.
  • Allows us to use smaller convention centers. A large number of Delegates will always want to come in person, and we can create special perks for those that do. We can start having Conventions in South Texas, East Texas, West Texas, and more. Smaller convention centers would save the Party money, and would allow those voting remotely to send the money saved (by not traveling or paying for hotels) to be donated to the Party instead. :)


No Preference option in Presidential Primary 1002

  • Voters should be able to communicate if a candidate isn’t resonating with them.
  • Empowers candidate to become stronger by addressing concerns sooner rather than later.
  • Allows a presidential protest vote while preserving down ballot democratic race turnout.
  • Provides opportunity to build coalitions that can work toward victory.
  • The Texas GOP and at least 27 states & territories already allow it.