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Federated CRM System Between TDP & All County Parties

Federated CRM System for County Parties

  • Similar to the Unions/Action Network, the TDP should create a Federated CRM system (i.e. mass email/activist database).
  • EX: You can create a system of databases that communicate with each other. When an Activist signs up with the state org with a 76550 area code, they’ll automatically be added to the Lampasas County Dems’ database. An activist can unsub from either the state or the local without unsub’ing from the other.

Cost savings will be hard to calculate, given the various data sizes. It could be more, less, or equal to the amount saved with the federated website system.

Most folks outside of the Party DO NOT DISTINGUISH the difference between the State or the County Parties. We know and recognize the difference. Most people do not.

Because of this, all work a County Party does will reflect directly on the TDP and vice versa. The more resources a County Party can put into GOTV and less into overhead, the better for us all.

We need to centralize better and automate certain processes while maintaining local control. Federated websites and CRM systems are a great way to boost long-term effectiveness & efficiency.

We call upon the TDP to create a federated CRM system for all county parties so that resources can be better spent on GOTV and other matters.

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