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Convention Report 2022

Summary of Convention Results:

  • Over 600+ folks attended our events and 60% of our endorsed candidates won!
  • We had one of the largest attendance rates out of the many other caucuses.
  • Our event was the talk of the convention!
  • We sent several mass emails and mass texts for our endorsed candidates.
  • We stood by and went to bat for our endorsees. 
  • Here's a summary of how we did in convention committees:
Committee Elected TXPC Representatives* Total Percentage of Elected TXPC Reps in Committee
Officers 2 50.00%
SDEC 29 46.77%
Nominations 12 38.71%
Rules 12 38.71%
Platform 9 29.03%
Resolutions 7 22.58%
Credentials 6 19.35%

*Please note that we did not endorse in every race. Overall, 60% of our endorsed candidates won.


How were these endorsements made? 

  • For SDEC, Convention Committees, Secretary, Treasurer, Vice Chair of Finance: The 2022 TXPC Planning Committee reviewed their endorsement applications and past history. We used a 3 strikes rule for endorsements. Any member could issue a strike against an applicant, tho each strike had to be justified. After 3 strikes, no endorsement or recommendation would be made. 
  • For Party Chair & Vice Chair: We invited each party chair candidate to speak during our convention caucus. After all 3 spoke, we released an endorsement poll for all attendees (we used a rank choice model, where voters ranked each of the candidates). Only attendees could vote. After verifying all of the votes, we counted the votes. We did employ some other accountability measures to ensure the vote wasn't packed by any candidate (we don't want to reveal these measures so we can keep using them in the future).


How will endorsements be made in 2024?

  • We are committed to keeping our endorsement process democratic and will work to make it more transparent. We understand there were some deficiencies and confusion in our 2022 process that we plan to correct. More details to come.


If you want to help us make 2024 a powerful year for progressives as well as help us keep the party accountable, please donate today!