Convention Report

Summary of Convention Results:

  • Over 600+ folks attended our events and 60% of our endorsed candidates won!
  • We had one of the largest attendance rates out of the many other caucuses.
  • Our event was the talk of the convention!
  • We sent several mass emails and mass texts for our endorsed candidates.
  • We stood by and went to bat for our endorsees. 
  • Here's a summary of how we did in convention committees:
Committee Elected TXPC Representatives* Total Percentage of Elected TXPC Reps in Committee
Officers 2 50.00%
SDEC 29 46.77%
Nominations 12 38.71%
Rules 12 38.71%
Platform 9 29.03%
Resolutions 7 22.58%
Credentials 6 19.35%

*Please note that we did not endorse in every race. Overall, 60% of our endorsed candidates won.



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