How did the TXPC come up with these endorsements?

The TXPC for 2022 employed a 3 strike rule, where the 20-person committee members were allowed to issue a strike against the priority endorsement or recommendation of any particular candidate. If a candidate received 3 strikes, no endorsement was issued. Our committee members (who represent many of our coalition organizations/individuals) could only offer one strike per candidate and had to justify their strike. Our criteria was that a candidate must be either ideologically progressive and/or believe in party reform, depending on the nature of the committee/position they are running for. If multiple progressives were in a race, we generally endorsed one and recommended the others (usually the candidate with the highest score, each app was graded). These types of decisions were made in consultation with local progressives & progressive orgs from their area. As a coalition caucus, we worked to be as grassroots as possible when discussing candidates from each SD.